Problem with Intensity Shuttle

Hi everybody !

I have a problem with a BM Intensity Shuttle. I have 2 macbookpro retina. 1x15inch retina late 2013 on 10.9.5 and 1x15inch retina mi-2014 on 10.10.
When i put the intensity shuttle on the 2013, it's ok but with the 2014 on yosemite, impossible to see the shuttle in the inputs.

Is someone have a solution ?

Thanks a lot !



  • Hello @le_mato,

    Did you try with Blackmagic Media Express ?
    Be sure to install the lastest drivers from Blackmagic (version 10.3), and use your device with only one application at a time.

    Best. Philippe
  • It's ok with the last drivers ! Thanks a lot !

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