osc feedback with sequencer

Hi ,
I use millumin with a sequencer (vezer) and i receive osc feedback from millumin on lemur only when I m controlling millumin with a mouse . Is there a way to receive millumin s feed back even if it s controlled by a sequencer, or something like a thru messages osc received by millumin ?
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    Hi @creal,

    This functionality is not available in Millumin to avoid risks ofOSC loops. So you will not be able to get a feed back of your sequencer in your Lemur. 

    Antoine M*
  • Thanks, 
    And with milluplug, is it possible to make a parameter monitoring ?
    I'll tried this morning but no success...

    Bien que je ne sois pas vraiment à l'aise, Il semble qu'il est préférable de s'exprimer en anglais? 
    Merci Antoine .
  • Hello @creal,

    MilluPlug isn't designed to monitor parameters.
    For such purposes, you should create your own mini-application. Have a look to the developer-kit : there is a lot of examples in different technologies, especially to use OSC with Millumin.

    Best. Philippe
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