4k Keynote into millumin

Hi Phillipe,

We are trying to input 4k (3840 x 2160) from a 15" macbook pro retina (late 2013) or Mac Mini into millumin, I have already tried a Decklink Studio 4k but the drivers are all over the place for this hardware. I did get it to work but the colour space was incorrect (image was green) so i updated the drivers and lost it completely! I have tried back dating using all the drivers available on the net and no luck.

I have spoken to Blackmagic directly and they have told me they are having trouble with the colour space conversion not being enabled on these cards as of yet. They have told me the only stable card that can successfully perform a colour space conversion is the Decklink Extreme 12G, But to do the conversion it has to be set to RGB in the Media Express software? Can i do the conversion in millumin? or can i capture the 4k image from Media Express an import in to millumin at 4k?

I have also tried the Epiphan DVI2PCIe Duo card, and i suffered with driver issues with this also, installed the software and driver pack but the card just wouldn't accept the driver, that also is being sent back for testing.

If i can get this to work it will be really handy for conferences that have a large widescreen setup enabling us to display fullscreen keynote at double the resolution!

We are using a MacPro (Dust-bin shape) and capture cards are installed in the sonnet echo express SE II

If you or anyone could help shed some light that would be great!



  • Hello @ZachTaylor,

    Yes, Blackmagic devices have some issues with color-spaces.
    Millumin supports natively Blackmagic devices via their own libraries, and the result is the same as in Media Express.

    I think you should rather use an Ultrastudio 4K, so you won't have to use a chassis (it may cause troubles), or an AJA iO 4K. For info, Millumin also support nativelly the Epiphan devices, but the Epiphan DVI2PCIe Duo card don't support 4K but 2x2K (2048x2048 at max).

    And for sure, you cannot transfert video feed from Media Express to Millumin.
    Best. Philippe
  • Hello @ZachTaylor
    Your problem is the colorspace conversion from your Macbook's RGB to the Decklink's YUV.
    If you use the Blackmagic Mini Converter HDMI to SDI 4K, you will get a proper image, as this does the colorspace conversion.

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