Midi Show Control Signal

How do I get Millumin to send a midi show control signal so that I can trigger cues in an ETC Ion light board?

Also I how do I get Millumin/MilluPlug to handshake with the USB midi device?



  • Hello @thomasd,

    MilluPlug does not support MIDI Show Control signal, but you can vote for this idea.
    If your MIDI device is recognized by OSX (see the "Audio MIDI Setup" utility application from OSX), it'll appear in MilluPlug's Preferences.

    Best. Philippe
  • Qlab can send a midi show control signal to the ETC Ion light board. So how can I setup Milluplug to receive a signal (midi, osc etc.) from Qlab to start a composition in Millumin?
  • Hello @thomasd,

    MilluPlug (or Millumin by the way), can receive any MIDI or OSC message from another application/device : just be sure the MIDI device is activated in MilluPlug's Preferences.
    But as far as I know about QLab, it can send MSC control signals, but cannot receive it. So it won't solve your problem.

    Maybe you should try Artnet with your ETC Ion light board, instead of MSC (easier with Millumin/MilluPlug).

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Thomasd,

    I normally just tell a column in Millumin to b triggered by a midi note out of Qlab.

    open both Millumin and Qlab (I am assuming you are using Qlab3)
    in Qlab go to settings, go to MIDI select to Millumin in the patch.
    in the workspace, create a new MIDI note cue. set the settings to something that makes sense to you. (velocity must be 1 or more)
    in Millumin, hit cmd-M (this brings up the midi trigger mapping)
    click the column that you want to trigger with MIDI (it gets a yellow frame)
    in Qlab, click the send message in the settings of the Cue.

    now in Millumin you will see the MIDI note appearing in the colum.
    Close the MIDI mapping window in Millumin.
    now when you trigger the midi cue in Millumin it will fire the column in Millumin. (if you fire it again it stops the column)

    hope it helps


  • Thank you.

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