Theater configuration

Hi !

I'm newbie in videoprojection and i need to configure a setup for a theater show.
The idea is to use a blackmagic shuttle intensity for a source camera mixing with recorded videos and a matrox triplehead 2go Digital Edition in output, both connected to a macbook pro retina with millumin.

Before buying all this stuffs, is anybody still use this elements ? Is there some compatibilities problem ?

Thanks for your help.



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    Hello @le_mato

    The Blackmagic shuttle intensity is very well integrated in Millumin. Both versions are supported (USB3 and Thunderbolt). Once the Blackmagic drivers are installed, the card will appear as an input in Millumin. 

    For the TripleHead, it's not that simple. Some models (including TripleHead 2go Digital Edition) won't work with a Retina. 
    Before buying anything from Matrox, you should check the compatibility chart 
    Another solution would consist in using a Zotac and the HDMI output of your Retina. 

    Antoine M*

  • Thanks for your answer. I will check the compatibilty first.
  • Hello,
    I think all Macbook Pro have got 2 thunderbolt and one HDMI.
    So it's possible to have 3 output without anything else ? I amn't sure...
    And I confirm for the blackmagic Shuttle Intensity in USB3, it works very well and don't use thunderbolt...
  • Hi Manouche and thanks for your help.
    It's true that i have 2 thunderbolt and one hdmi but i need 1 thunderbolt and USB for Shuttle Intensity.
    I bought the Matrox TripleHead 2go Digital Se and it's ok on my macbook retina.

  • Hi
    So it's Perfect !
    Good luck !
  • Hi !

    And i have an another question. Is someone already use the blackmagic intensity shuttle in usb3 ?
    Because i have a thunderbolt port broken and i try to find an another solution now. But i read a lot of comments of problem with the intensity in usb3 with macbook.
    Also, maybe someone knows this acquisition modul usb3 video capture ? Do Millumin recognize it ?

    Thanks again for your precious help.
  • Hello @le_mato

    We haven't tested neither of the intensity shuttle in usb3 or the Startech video capture. 
    Since 2013 the Black Magic intensityShuffle usb3 is recognised by OSX : be sure to download the right driver (or ask Black Magic support if have a doubt).
    The card would be recognised directly by Millumin. 

    Antoine M*
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