different layers in the same Timelines

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hello philippe
I fail to synchronize avenue don more layers and put different clips
could you give me the steps to do so.
thank you and congratulate you on your program is very useful and functional
greetings from chile


  • Hello @mogwat,

    Did you try this tutorial : http://lab.millumin.com/tutorials/?name=syphon_resolume ?

    New update for Resolume include native Syphon support : now you can choose Syphon in advanced output, and send Resolume's "slice" into Millumin.

    Did it help ?

  • if you already are
      but I can not use multiple layers with different clip
  • I'm not sure to understand your question : could you describe your problem ?
    Did you want to send Resolume "composition" (multiple layers) to Millumin ?
  • when I send the signal to the mapping from avenue millumi
    projected only a single clip
    I want to assign each layer a different clip and I can not do
    I can do it alone with millumi
    but I do it from Avenue
  • Sorry it is hard to understand you @mogwat.
    If you use Google Translation, please use commas.

    Do you want to have every layer of Resolume, as a separate layer in Millumin ?
    If so, please follow this video tutorial, but instead drag-and-dropping the Syphon effect on your composition, drag-and-drop it on every layer of Resolume.

    Did it help ?
  • Yo me refería las capas por separado cada una proyectado un clip distinto
  • desde avenue no logro hacerlo
    Captura de pantalla 2012-07-12 a las 21.23.15.png
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    Hello @mogwat,

    I would like to help you, but you must speak in English.
    1. Did you try this tutorial http://lab.millumin.com/tutorials/?name=syphon_resolume ?
    2. See the picture, and tell me what you want to do : A or B ?
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  • pic A
  • @Mogwat : ok, it is possible.

    Please follow this video tutorial, but :
    • In Resolume : drag the Syphon effect on every layer of Resolume
    • in Millumin : create several Syphon layer, and change the source (see image attached)

    Syphon Source.png
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  • works perfect
    now to practice
    thank you very much for your help

  • and to do what the picture B?
  • Simply drag Syphon effect onto your Resolume composition.

    Just like in the tutorial.
  • cool thanks

  • Hi philippe
    I have another question
    how I can save a project and then play it without needing a computer.
  • Hello @mogwat,

    I can't understand your question : could you please rewrite it ?

  • how I can save a project
    and then
    play it without needing a computer.
    or example.
      save the project in mov format.
    and then play a movie how pendrive connected to a projector.

  • Ok @mogwat.
    Please follow this tutorial to export your project to a MOV files : http://lab.millumin.com/tutorials/?name=render
  • great perfect
  • hello
    I have a problem with the rendering takes a long
    yesterday for a 560mb video in 3 layers
    takes all night and all morning to do the rendering

    that differences exist in
    render (with and without alpha)
    I to used with alpha. and take long.

  • Hello @mogwat,

    The render could be long and I'm working on some improvements.
    What is the duration of your composition ?

  • 4 minutes
  • Hi @mogwat
    Ok, you should wait the next release : I made some improvements for rendering.
  • philippe estimated
    I am eagerly awaiting the new version
    I appreciate your work, by making it easier for visual artists to express better his work.
    I hope you have a good price for students.
    best regards
  • layer effect sound but
    With the new update no sources?
  • Hello @mogwat,

    I don't understand your question : could you explain, please ?

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