Generating Timecode

Hi there.

Are there any plans to implement generating timecode from within Millumin as you can in Qlab?

I have a client who insists on multi-output video playback with timecode (for lighting) and they insist we use Qab...I hate using Qlab.

I know I can use QLab for Timecode and Millumin will follow but it would be much simpler if I could output timecode and video from Millumin

Many thanks


  • Sorry...I should've mentioned that they insist on LTC timecode.

  • Hello @graphicsop,

    Next beta of Millumin will have a "timecode" media able to generate LTC or MTC.

    In the meantime, you can simply generate your LTC file from here.

    Best. Philippe

  • Perfect...Thanks Philippe.

    Kind Regards Patrick

  • Hi, when you you plan to release the next beta? generating MTC directly from Millumin would be super great!

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