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Hi, i would like to create an interaction when a blob is hidden by someone crossing the space and the blob is lost by the camera. There is a white circle on screen and the camera is tracking this circle. When someone cross the space in front of the camera, the white blob is lost by the webcam and we jump to the next column. I tried to invert the image of the webcam to do the trick but the blob does not take into account the inverted image but the original. Any idea to achieve this result ? many thanks in advance :)


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    Hi Millumin team could it be possible to get a variation of the demo project "tracking.millumin" to jump to a specific column when getting specific coordinates from the blob and/or when loosing the blob ? thanks!

  • Hello @fredadam,

    Sorry, there is no interaction or message sent when a blob is lost.

    Best. Philippe

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