MilluNod machine vs Mac Studio


I'm in a process of maybe configure a windows machine for both Millumin purpose and Vmix purpose.

My point to use Millumin on a windows machine is to be able of having different out in sync more easily than for now with Mac Studio; and having a single machine for both of my needs.

I was wondering where the dev of millunode is and if we'll see an alpha version soon?

Did someone or Millu crew tested the video decoding capacities of different graphics cards VS Apple sillicone chip?

And if so, is there a brand who's better than an other for now? As Vmix prefers Nvidia chips, would be great to ear that they are also more efficients with Millumin.

Thank's for your feedbacks


  • Hello @Germain,

    It depends on the codec. ProRes decoding is unbeatable on Apple M1 Pro and higher because of a dedicated chip. For decoding H264 or HAP, if you have a good GPU, I do not think the difference would be huge between AMD or Nvidia.

    MilluNode is already in beta. We hope to release a final version by the end of the year.

    Best. Philippe

  • Thanks for your feedback

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