Edge blending problem (Help need urgently)!

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Hello Philippe,

I have a question regarding edge blending. Today I have a show with two Sanyo projector PLC-XF47A 15000 ANSI lumens and a Mac Pro with two graphic cards (with four outputs, one for the monitor and three for the projectors).

I am trying to do edge blending with two projectors, but after setting up the projectors and Millumin I can't edge blend the two screens together. I figured out that I need a third projector.

Is there any possibility to do the soft edge blend with just two projectors? The show is starting tommorow morning and I need your help urgently :)

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Best regards,



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    Hello Gregor,

    How many displays your Mac detect ?
    For example, on the image attached, I got 2 displays (my monitor and my TripleHead).

  • Hello Philippe,

    I had a blonde moment and panicked a little bit. I had the overlap on 30%, when I lowered that value everything was o.k.

    Thank you for your quick answer.

    Best regards,


  • Ok, no problem. Don't hesitate to post on the forum is you need more help.
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