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Hi !

A few weeks ago, I was able to connect my Android to Millumin for a NDI streaming.

It was easy.

Now I want to check again and oddly it doesn't work. Millumin does not respond to NDI.

Perhaps it's because of my personal jetlag but I can't see the solution ?

Thanks for helping


  • Hello @plocploc,

    Can you see your NDI feed via another software, such as Newtek NDI Video Monitor ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Thanks Philippe,

    No feed via Newtek Video Monitur.

    Everything was working fine before with this simple app NDI camera found for Android.

    And I really need that feed for a work next month.

    I've updated the Android system during an overseas trip, maybe it's affected something. Sorry my technical skills are poor.

    Keep digging that up with me, please.


  • Hello @plocploc,

    There is probably a problem of communication between your Android and your computer.

    Be sure both devices are on the same network. Also check that your application is up-to-date and correctly supported by your system (the official NDI application should be).

    If the problem persists, try with another device (another phone or computer sending NDI), as your NDI application may be not supported correctly any more.

    Best. Philippe

  • Dear Philippe,

    I've tried with an iphone. No Feed.

    I really don't understand. Before I left for a long trip, everything worked fine.

    I can buy NDI HX camera (so-called "official") but want to be sure.

    thanks for helping

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