two output and sametime timecode, 2 MAC link

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I trying to plan the same timecode with two outputs from one MAC and play it.

Both are 4K outputs and are there no problems when time code is played at the same time?


Is there a way to link when playing milumin on 2 MACs?


  • Hello @DDY,

    No problem to use the same timecode for 2 different movies. However, I think it would be better to use a timeline (driven by the timecode).

    Best. Philippe

  • oh i see. Thank you for you answer.

    and can i know the reason why would be better to use timeline ??

  • Hello @DDY,

    The reason : you only need to drive the timeline with your timecode (you do not need to drive 2 different movies with the same timecode).

    Best. Philippe

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