Using the Video Router

hey everyone,

I'm new to Millumin... I have a question about the proper setup for spanning a canvas across multiple outputs.

if I have an LED Wall that's 8904x1344 and that's also how my content is made. I will need to feed the processors but they max out at 3840x2160. My machine has a BMD Decklink 8K so what I do with other media servers is I breakup the canvas into 3840 chunks... So this cavus would be 3 outputs. (hope that makes sense)

should I be using video router to split the canvas into the 3 outputs or is there a preferred way?

if I give my BMD card genlock are all 3 outputs still synced if I use the video router?

thanks for the helps!


  • Hello @jayme,

    A video-routing is ideal for such a purpose : you can separate your content and how it is sent to the outputs.

    So create just a canvas (layout = 1x1, resolution = 8904x1344), this is your content. Then create a video-routing outputting to your Decklink 8K Pro as a whole 4320p, see this post. This way, the 4 SDI outputs will be frame-sync (despite you will not used the last and 4th SDI).

    Best. Philippe

    PS : to synchronize multiple and independant Blackmagic outputs is very different than outputting as a whole 4320p. Indeed, synchronization must be at hardware-level (genlock card) as well as software level (Millumin). It is not as easy as it seems (no software does it properly, at least from my knowledge on Mac), because pipeline is very optimized to send the data from GPU to the Blackmagic device, and all asynchronously (it's like all outputs are working on a different timeline). Anyway, we are working on it and we hope to add this feature by the end of the year.

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