NDI Show that runs realtime with a Game engine

A small studio with 2 cameras either controlled by a person or the host him/herself to trigger the movement of the camera to make sure it follows the host througout the 1 minute game. Timed keyed or png seq CGI of emoticons, particles (premade can be sent as a timed show or on command by the host holding a controller. the millumin is managing where the first and r2nd camera will show and what will show on an lcd or a tv background. All the video is running on NDI to decrease latency and not introduce delay. I will also suggest millumin to run American DJ lights and light effects like a moving Moving beam can be timed as part of a sequence cued when the gameplay starts. Also preset and precalibrated camera moves are called either timed on the track or on situations were the hosts wants to highlight a closeup or a part of the physical gameboard where camera 2 is covering . This show repeats every minute for an hour and after that hour another show configuration will run after 5 minutes with a different host and different theme and assets. 

How feasible is this and what do i need to add to htis diagram..


  • Hello @judgedave,

    Did you check the replies to your post on Facebook here ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Philippe ,

    I did, was hoping to catch you. I just got back for the client, and they asked the question why Millumin and not OBS. They now want me to do a comparison, are there docs out there that I can read through to deep dive further?

  • Hello @judgedave,

    You can check the documentation here. Streaming to Youtube is quite easy and there is not many options to do so.

    I think you should take time to build a test project.

    Best. Philippe

  • if it is streaming through aws. would it be the same process, ill run a test project soon will keep in touch.

  • is it recommended that the there is a separate hardware encoder connected in the NDI network to handle the streaming.. will this introduce delay or better straigth from the macstudio ultra? which will incur less latency?

  • Hello @judgedave,

    Do not use a separate hardware encoder, directly use NDI from Millumin.

    Best. Philippe

  • got it :) kewl !! that makes things easier :)

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