Multiply blend mode behavior when doing transition.


I think that there is something weird/wrong with the multiply blending mode/

The case : I'm using a black and white matte on a layer, blend mode set to multiply, and several layers under this one are only visible on the white part on the matte.

Expecting : During a transition, the white part is visible before becoming transparent. Of course I set the media transition of the matte to 0, so I was expecting to have a fade of only the layers under the matte.

Workaround : If a add a black background (ISF or PICT or MOV) under all the layers (at the bottom), the fade is correct.

Here is a test project that demonstrate the problem.

The behavior is correct with the matte blend mode, but it does not work with several layers under it. It might be an idea to make a timeline of all the layers under the matte blend mode, but it is not the way we need it, and it seems that multiply should work without issues.

Another option could be to work with the built-in mask feature of the layer, but it does not offers animation and usage of movies and custom pattern as we want.

Could you please confirm there is a problem with the multiply behavior when making a transition


  • Hello @deuzair,

    I tested your project, and it works fine : the behavior is the same as in Photoshop. Keep in mind that transparent pixels are not reacting to blend mode (see Photoshop).

    I think you should use the "matte" blend-mode that is designed for such a purpose, see the project below :

    Best. Philippe

  • I have to admit that I am a video person, and Photoshop is not one of my references. In the video or compositing software that I use, whether in davinci resolve, fusion, flame or MaxJitter, the result is as I describe it.

    Here is an example in DaVinci Resolve

    it's just a shame to have to add a black layer, whether above the layers to be revealed (blend mode set to MATTE) or below (blend mode set to MULTIPLY)

  • The behavior I was expecting is the same in MadMapper too

  • Hello @deuzair,

    There are 2 schools when compositing blend-modes on a transparent background : using the transparency of the pixels behind or not.

    Like in Photoshop or After Effects, Millumin is using not applying blend-modes on transparent pixels. This would be handy for some people, less for some other ones. There is no perfect solution (you can note that MadMapper is behaving differently between the "multiply" mode and the "add" mode). Thus, we will not change the rendering (also this may break projects).

    Best. Philippe

  • ok, i totally understand!

    it might be useful for us to have option to add a black background, it will help us.

    in the workspace preferences, we can change the anti-aliasing, the bit-depth, and we could imagine to have a transparent / black background .

    the option exists but is a trap os it is juste a viewing pref.

  • Just for the record, the simplest workaround for now is to add an independant layer at the bottom of all layers with a solid card black…

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