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Salut Philippe !

Petit problème de drop frame avec une entrée NDI depuis l'appli Newtek.

iPhone connecté à une borne wifi elle même connectée en RJ à un switch qui rentre dans l'ordi.

De manière récurrente, l'image se fige et reprend quelques secondes plus tard, comme si je perdais le flux NDI.

Je suis passé en IP fixe mais le problème persiste.

As-tu déjà eu ce type de retour ?

Merci pour ton retour,




  • Hi Philippe! (And Everyone)

    Small drop frame problem with an NDI input from the Newtek app.

    My iPhone is connected to a wifi terminal, which in turn is connected via RJ to a switch that plugs into the computer.

    Recurrently, the image freezes and resumes a few seconds later, as if I were losing the NDI stream.

    I've switched to fixed IP but the problem persists.

    Have you had this type of feedback before?

    Thanks for your feedback,

    All the best,


  • Hello @Tatane,

    I doubt taht such a problem would be specific to Millumin.

    What is the result with Newtek NDI Video Monitor ?

    Did you try with a simple network (same Wifi network between your iPhone and your computer) : do you see a difference ?

    Best. Philippe

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