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I use millumin for control light show in a timeline with enttec RJ45. When I go directly to the steps it's OK. My lights are controlled. But my last step, at the end of the show, the lights don't go down. Have you ever heard this bug ?



  • Hello @pm2000,

    We are not aware of an issue.

    Could you post your project file (just the .millumin file) ?

    Best. Philippe

  • ok,

    this is the project.

    Thanks for your time.

  • Hello @pm2000,

    Thank you.

    However, I see no problem with your project or your Artnet configuration : Millumin sends the right Artnet values.

    What is exactly the problem : in the timeline "Spectacle full" at 46:52sec, the two lights do not fade out ? Or only the "fresnel" ? Only the "pars" ? The problem always happens ? Or from time to time ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello,

    Yes, the two lights do not fade out.

    The problem happens time to time...

  • Hello @pm2000,

    Can you reproduce the problem easily ?

    If so, use the project below (I replaced 2 keyframes that are very close together, but hold keyframes) :

    What is the result ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Before you dive too deep, take a sec to double-check your timeline settings in Millumin, especially for that last step. Also, give your DMX output settings a quick look, just to cover all bases.

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