Manipulating values in the inspector

I have a few shaders, (generators and fx) which have parameters.

My problem is to edit little values, like increasing / decreasing 0.01 by 0.01

When I use arrows to change values, it changes 0.1 by 0.1. It will be really easier to have 0.01 steps, could you add a way to do that?

and a way to edit 0.001 values?




  • Hello @deuzair,

    The problem is that not all parameters vary from 0 to 1, it can be between -100 and 100 : there is no rule.

    Did you try to modify your ISF shader, so the range of your properties is bigger ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Tx Philippe for the input.

    sure, modifying the inspector is a way to do, but it will be awesome to be able to specify the step to inc/dec.

    by the way, a slider responding to the min/max values from the ISF might help a lot too !

  • Adding the option for 0.01 steps would definitely make life easier for tweaking parameters.

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