black magic ultrastudio mini recorder non detected

Hello, when I plug a black magic ultrastudio mini recorder on a MacBook Pro with bigsur it doesn't appear in the input of my millumin deck. When I look in the information system I can see that a device is connected to the thunderbolt.

I also tried with a MacBook Pro with Ventura, I have the same problem.

Any idea ?

Thank you


  • Hello @bule,

    Did you install Blackmagic drivers (Desktop Video Setup) ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Bonjour Phillipe,

    Les pilotes que j'ai trouvée ne fonctionne qu'a partir de ventura, je n'en ai pas trouvé pour bigsur et l'ordi avec ventura à bien le pilote mais j'ai le même résultat : le mini recorder n'apparait pas dans les input de Millumin...


  • Hello @bule,

    (I will answer in English, so everybody can understand)

    Be sure your installed latest Blackmagic drivers (Desktop Video 12.8.1). Then run Blackmagic Desktop Video and check that it recognizes your device.

    If it is not recognized by Video Desktop, check that your device is supported on your computer. See this article. For example, the UltraStudio Mini Monitor is only supported on Intel machines (not on the Apple Silicon ones).

    Best. Philippe

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