Glypheo slows down on MBP M3 max

Hi. I have been working with Glypheo as a professional for several years now in theatre. After upgrading to the fast 14" MacBook Pro M3 Max, to my surprise, the Glypheo software has become really slow. After a number of edits, actions like changing a word, takes up to two seconds or more. When scrolling, white panels appear up and above the text space. Moving from one slide to the next takes at leats a second or more. When closing the software and reopening it again, all seems okay, but after a few edits, the software slows down again considerably. I have deleted the software, shut down the MBP, switched it back on again, to no effect. Glypheo on my old BMP 2019 \1 works without any flaws. What is going on here?


  • Hello @Wuis,

    I just tested Glypheo on a MacBookPro M2 Max with a project having more than 1000 surtitles. It works fine (edition, scroll, output, ...). It was under macOS Ventura.

    Note that this forum is about Millumin. If you have a question about Glypheo, please send an email on Glypheo support.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi Philippe, I will continue the discussion on that forum, as the problem persists (Sonoma 14.3.1). Thanks.

  • The version 1.46 has a fix.

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