Light and midi

hello millumin community,

I have a question, when I'm working on the lights, is there a possibility to assign midi to the selected lights? I can only find the individual assignments and not just the selected ones... the idea being that when I'm creating, I can raise or lower my intensity manually.


  • Hello @Jonathan,

    If you want to control several lights at the same time, you can assign them the same MIDI interaction.

    Best. Philippe

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    Thank you Philippe,

    I was not very clear, what i want to do is to control the selected light during my creation, for example if i want to change the intensity of few light, i can do it with the command for example 5+8+12@55 but i can't move the intensity step by step like i can do with individual light with the mouse.

    It will be very helpful to have a control like that and after that i can use my midi control to dimme the light during the creation process.

  • Hello @Jonathan,

    You can select your lights by typing "5+8+12" in the command-line or by SHIFT-clicking them in the channel-grid.

    Then click-and-drag your mouse on these selected channels to adjust their intensity. You can also use the arrow-keys UP/DOWN to move the values up or down (for more info, see the "i" icon next to the command-line).

    Best. Philippe

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