Custom resolution (3888x1512) at 100 fps

Hello everyone

Can Millumin output VTs at 100 fps?

I have got a VT encoded at 100 fps, the Display on my Mac Studio set at 100Hz my e2 gen 2 set at 100hz (native resolution system, my background and my destination are all @100), my brompton processors locked at 100Hz, so everything in the system is set, and running at 100Hz. Yet, millumin is "telling me" that my VT is running at 50 fps.

Can millumin playback at 100 fps? is there something I am missing here?

Many thanks


  • Hello @Juan_Martin,

    Is your "LG Ultra HD" working at 100hz as well ?

    All displays used by Millumin (including the one for the interface) should work at the same fequency.

    Best. Philippe

  • I don't think the LG monitor I am currently using can do 100 Hz.

    So you are saying, millumin is only outputting 50 fps because the monitor is set to 50Hz? Therefore, for future reference, if I want to output 100 fps again I need the monitor (used for the interface) to be able to do 100Hz?

  • Hello @Juan_Martin,

    Yes, you need the monitor to be able to do 100hz.

    If you move the interface of Millumin to the monitor (or simply unlug your LG Ultra HD monitor), is that ok ? Of course, this will be fullscreen and you will not see the interface of Millumin any more.

    Best. Philippe

    PS : we might separate the rendering of the outputs and Millumin's interface in the future, so they could work at different frequencies, despite I do not think this is a good practice.

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