Displaying Multiple Canvases in Timeline

I am attempting to incorporate two canvases into the timeline section, but I am experiencing an issue where only one canvas is being displayed. While I have successfully implemented a main screen with two side screens in the dashboard section, the same setup is not functioning as expected in the timeline. I am seeking guidance on how to resolve this discrepancy or if there are any limitations in having multiple canvases within the timeline section.


  • Hello @amila,

    Timeline supports one canvas, not more. This is especially important when you use such a timeline in the dashboard.

    However, you could create one big canvas, then split it to various outputs via a video-routing. See this article.

    Best. Philippe

  • It would be amazing to be able to support:

    • Multiple canvases per timeline
    • The ability to edit a timeline without previewing it on an output or interrupting a running show

    Millumin is fantastic for being able to ingest new content whilst a show is running, but this is not possible with timelines as they are always previewed on their assigned output whilst editing.

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