Displaying Multiple Canvases in Timeline

I am attempting to incorporate two canvases into the timeline section, but I am experiencing an issue where only one canvas is being displayed. While I have successfully implemented a main screen with two side screens in the dashboard section, the same setup is not functioning as expected in the timeline. I am seeking guidance on how to resolve this discrepancy or if there are any limitations in having multiple canvases within the timeline section.


  • Hello @amila,

    Timeline supports one canvas, not more. This is especially important when you use such a timeline in the dashboard.

    However, you could create one big canvas, then split it to various outputs via a video-routing. See this article.

    Best. Philippe

  • It would be amazing to be able to support:

    • Multiple canvases per timeline
    • The ability to edit a timeline without previewing it on an output or interrupting a running show

    Millumin is fantastic for being able to ingest new content whilst a show is running, but this is not possible with timelines as they are always previewed on their assigned output whilst editing.

  • I'm running into this need too. I've got a really complicated map that splits walls and floors and also covers the whole room from a fixed perspective (anamorphosis). I'm using syphon to route canvases into those 3 maps, but they're really different from each other and took forever to tug into place via surface and slice editing. I needed to be able to quickly add a layer and shift it around on the 'control' canvas to make sure the focus of the content was on the right part of the room, usually a horizon line or whatever. Doing it this way also helped immensely with distributing pixel density intentionally.

    The headache I'm running into now is scoring the piece with audio. I can only see a 3rd of what I need to in a timeline. I'm stuck with the dashboard and autogos, which is alright but it's hard to get precise.

    Part of the issue is that to make the origami map work, I ned to be able to stretch layers off the canvas. So if I used one big canvas I'd just be dragging corners into the path of another output.

    I'm doing something really weird, off angle, with ultra wide throw lenses and 12 projectors so I'm not probably a mainstream use case, but it would be really cool to be able to make a timeline out of multiple canvases.

    Millumin's awesome and I appreciate y'all.

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