Strange Output Mask Flashes

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I work on a project with a single canvas with mapping and one mask applied to the output (not on layers).

Canvas resolution : 848x1920 - Output resolution (1920x1080) (Canvas rotated with 4 corners in the device output selection's gear wheel)

Sometimes (i cannot figure out why, when...) there are short flashes in my output. Sometimes single flash, sometimes, several flashes.

In fact these flashes are like short mask off and mask on again.

Sometimes, it happens a lot when I browse the menus of another application (sometimes the same does nothing)

One time, it happened a lot when I used sliders in mac preferences (I cannot reproduce that..!)

Sometimes, it happens one or two times during a simple Millumin transition between two movies doing nothing else..

It only happens on output and not on the preview since mask is applied at output stage.

Is it a Millumin bug in the output mask code ? Or is my new Macbook Pro's GPU dying ?

I'm using :

Millumin 4.18d

MacOS Ventura 13.6.1

MacbookPro 2,3GHz IntelCore i9 (8Cores) + Radeon Pro 560X 4Go VRam

Any ideas of what can cause that ?




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    Update :

    • It also happens on MacMini M1 (OS 12.7)
    • Resetting output mapping seems stop the flashings

    Attached, my project, without medias, just use display test card.

    When test card mask and mapping are on, browse OS dock, launch apps, system preferences... You'll see mask appearing/disapearing randomly.

    I think it's a bug !



  • Hello @Phil,

    I try to reproduce the problem, but I could not.

    Do you see the flashs inside Millumin's window ? Or only on the outputs ?

    Could you send us a TeamViewer session to show us the problem (via email of course) ?

    Thank you. Philippe

  • The problem is less obvious today, but still there.

    Which Teamviever should i install?

    What's your email ?

  • We'll have to take an appointment next week..

  • Please write to contact at millu and use this TeamViewer.

  • Having similar problems since the last update with

    • Mac Pro (2019)
    • Millumin 4.18e

    Is there any news regarding the Output Mask Flashes?

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    Hello @morizzzii,

    Could you send us a TeamViewer session to show us the problem (via email) ?

    Thank you. Philippe

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