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Hello everyone. We are working on a live event in USA. I am a motion designer, and I need to provide videos from After Effects and Premiere with some 3D and 2D animation. The event planner is utilising Millumin to control the videos live, and we have a few tech questions to ensure the best results on the screen. Your insights would be greatly appreciated.

Colour Profile: Do you have a specific colour profile recommendation for optimal screen display?

Sorry if I missed something.. I was really trying to do everything I could to minimise bizarre sky banding on some gradients, especially since we'll be showing CGI images.

Thank you so much!



  • Hello everyone! Here are our After Effects settings. I was wondering which colour settings should be used when outputting a film to avoid colour banding? Thank you!

  • Hello @Nico_Dusted,

    This rather depends on the codec : use ProRes422 to encode in 10-bits.

    Then in Millumin's Preferences, set the color-depth as 10-bit (see this article). Of course, your display must be compliant with 10-bit color-depth.

    If you are using HAP codec, you can use Jokyo Encoder to improve gradient encoding.

    Best. Philippe

  • I have found the best image quality is achieved by encoding ProRes at 16-bit colour depth, and Millumin playback set to 10-bit.

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