Dashboard and media

Hi There !

I recently discover than if i click on a dashboard (I have created 3 dashboard for my show) and if a media was previously playing and not stop, this particular media restart !

Is there a way to just click on a dashboard but not playing anything ?

I currently manage my show throw companion for opening a dashboard i use the internal fonction "select dashboard by index". Witch other command can i add for being sure nothing start just by selecting dashboard ?

I was thinking adding a "stop column" but my audios are on independant layer so it doesn't work for them...

There is no fonction "stop all media" as i know ?

Thanks for advices.



  • Hello @LN_V,

    You can use the "cues" to do so. See this article.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi Philippe,

    I'm not sure to understand what to do with cues...

    Because my audios medias are in independant layer i can't figure out how to stop them even with cues witch work only with column...

    Did i miss something ?



  • Hello @LN_V,

    Indeed, I missed that you used an "independant layer", so my solution does not work.

    However, you can send an OSC message to stop your media on your "independant layer" : /myLayer/stopMedia (more info in the OSC documentation).

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi Philippe,

    I had already use this solution and it's seems it's the only one so that's good!


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