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  • Hello @Gnomalab,

    We are working on it, but it won't come in the next months.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Phillipe

    I want to synchronise machines with Simple Sync, I see in advanced that I can customise the message that will be sent to Millumin. Which is the message that must be sent to go to next column, and previous column?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Ohh, i found it is:

    • /millumin/action/launchNextColumn
    And it works, great, now I can control several machines!!!
  • has Simple Sync been updated to work with v2 yet?  I have a show coming up in a few weeks where it will be useful.
  • Helo @BHenry,

    No, SimpleSync has not been updated since we are working on a better system.
    However, you can use SimpleSync with Millumin 2 : use the bottom part of the interface to send custom command. Such as "/millumin/action/playTimeline" (see OSC documentation).

    Best. Philippe
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    I have to synchronize three macs with millumin2, but I'm not able to be understood. With Simplesync on v1, it was simple. But now I am not able to send a msg of play to 3 machines at a time.

    What would be the best method?
    In principle the msg that sending are correct.

        /millumin/action/launchOrStopColumn [index or "name"]
        /millumin/action/launchColumn [index or "name"]

    what am I doing wrong?
    thanks in advance!
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    Hello @juanjo,

    Simple sync was created for Millumin V1. It haven't been updated to work with the V2 (see upper comments for explanations).
    Otherwise, you can use it to send custom orders to the V2 "/millumin/action/launchNextColumn " for example.


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    Hello @Gnomalab,

    Keep in mind that SimpleSync was an experimental application from our lab, and was not meant to evolve.
    As said in the first message of this thread : "Works only with Millumin V1".

    We're working on a better system for Millumin V2.
    But you can still use SimpleSync with Millumin V2 : see this image below and the OSC documentation. Also, be sure you have OSC correctly setup in Millumin.



    Best. Philippe
  • Hello philippe, thanks for the prompt reply! .si, I have read all this before writing. First I tried using msg osc with Millumin2.
    And shit! The error is very basic, it copied in symplesync the entire msg path with / millumin /, as it is already written!

    Thank you very much for the pictures that have served me to see the error.
  • Hello at all,
    i've a question about the sync around multiple machine.
    Is possible send the frame position between the machine?


  • Hello @aelf,

    Sorry, it's not possible.
    However, timecode support is planned for V2+ edition of Millumin : see our website.

    Best. Philippe
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