1 canvas spanning multiple Millunodes

How can I span 1 canvas over multiple computers running Millunode?

As a test I have 2x Mac mini with both 2 displays attached (4 in total).

I can create a canvas for each computer and a vide routing with multiple canvasses but only the 2 separate canvasses show up in my timeline? how do I add the routed output as a canvas in the timeline so I can play 1 video over 4 displays on 2 different computers?


  • Hello @Winfred_Nak,

    No, it's not possible : a canvas must be connected to only one computer (the local computer or a MilluNode).

    And for now, MilluNode is only available with canvases, not video-routings.

    As a general rule, I would recommend not to use multiple computers to display a seamless image, because there woule be latency between computers, so screen-tearing on the content.

    If you really want to achieve this, create a canvas with 4 NDI outputs, then display the NDI feeds from each computer. For info, we added a "delay" option per output in latest beta, this could help ...

    Best. Philippe

  • Thanks, will check all possibilities.

  • Tried different setups:

    • 4 screens on 2 mac mini both running a Millunode instance
    • 4 screens directly on Mac Studio running Millumin
    • 2 screens on Nuc PC running Millunode

    And it's strange but in my opinion the Nuc PC is the smoothest...

    I am wondering what applications we could do running multiple instances of Millunode creating one big show.

    Thanks, Winfred alias Nakorzky-art

  • Hello @Winfred_Nak,

    Sorry, I do not sure to understand.

    Do you have a problem ? If so, what is it ?

    Best. Philippe

  • I don't have a problem, but it would be nice to span one canvas over multiple Millunodes.

  • So, to make that routed output pop up as one canvas in your timeline, you might wanna try out some video mixing or compositing software. Stuff like Resolume Arena or Adobe After Effects could do the trick. They let you bring in all those canvases you made and blend them into one smooth output.

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