Alpha Transition Between Columns

Hey there, I have been using Millumin for about a year now and as I am incorporating it into bigger and bigger live corporate events I have started to develop a few programming quirks...

I often use quick (3-12s) media files with an alpha channel as a transitional wipe to go from one set of layered media assets to another. I am trying to find the best way to do this within the main board (from column to column).

I know you can do this within a timeline if you want to layer in all of the elements, but usually I have a continuously looping media element in the background layer which is stretched across several columns. If I want that looping media to mix into another looping media element I can't put all of this into a timeline .

I have developed a work-around of splitting the media into two adjacent columns and adjusting the start/end time of the same element in both columns with an auto-follow transition built in to achieve this automatic mix of columns under the cover of an alpha wipe.

Is there a better way to do this? Like a custom media transition for a column?

Any suggestions/feedback would be helpful...thanks!


  • Hello @nextgenmediaservers,

    From what I understand you need 2 columns indeed (in order to wipe-in, swap your content, then wipe-out). See project below :

    I guess this is wht you are already doing. We are thinking about adding custom transitions (wipe, slide, stinger, ...) but nothing is planned for now.

    Best. Philippe

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