Output Canvas techniques

Hey everyone, I'm running two 4k prores files to 4 1080 Panasonic laser projectors via Decklink 8k Pro. They are paired for blending, so one pair makes a complete image, the other pair makes another complete image.

Currently I have 4 separate canvases, one for each projectors, and and then using the mapping (in the SLICE/MAP/MASK) section and masking them to blend.

Is there any advantages to having two canvases, and two projectors per canvas sliced and blended in the output section? I plan on doing genlock but just making sure I'm not doing something improper.

Primarily I'm getting slight frame sync issue for each blended pair. A gray line appears on strobes and fast video brightness ramp, as well as an occasional 3-5 frame stutter.


  • Hello @whataweirdguy,

    If you have 2 "complete" images, it should be better to have 2 canvases (instead of 4), as it will ease your show at designing your content. Moreover, you could do your soft-edge with Millumin this way.

    Also, we improved Blackmagic Decklink 8K Pro performances in latest beta (that should become official in the next weeks). Let us know if you still have stutters with this version.

    Best. Philippe

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