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Hello! Doing a show where we have projections that will be playing videos with audio attached. We are using Millunode on a windows computer. Our sound system is setup through Ableton and an audio console. Does the audio setup carry through to Millunode as long the windows tower is connected to Ableton and we set the audio connections in Millumin? Would a MIDI connection work in that case?


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    Hello @clee ,

    For now MilluNode doesn’t have MIDI implementation.

    If you are trying to sync your Ableton setup and your MilluNode, you can take a look at Vezér ( It can send both MIDI and OSC, and MilluNode can receive OSC. You just have to check "Allow control via OSC" in MilluNode Preferences.

    Here are some messages handled by MilluNode.

    /millunode/action/launchOrStopColumn [index or "name"]

    /millunode/action/launchColumn [index or "name"]






  • Got it. Will try it out then!

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