Timed effects ? Effect Fade out curve ? Media Center Change ?

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Hello Everybody.


I use Millumin on the pads of an Akai MPC Sampler.

Every pad triggers effects on medias.

I have been searching for days : Is there a way to time the effect ?

I would like to hit a pad, and enable the effect for 2 seconds, then the effects fades out on a selected curve. Is that possible in millumin ?

Up to now I just manage to activate the effect a few milliseconds as the enable box is linked to the midi note of the sampler. Basically I trigger the effect with the time I use to press the pad, so its lacks an organic visual feel.


Also is there a way to change the center cross of a media ? As all the keyframes and effect seem to calibrate on the center on the media, it would be great to be able to change the center cross, for example if the graphic designer exports a rectangle media with a drawing in the upper corner but I want to rotate from the center of the drawing and not from the center of the rectangle zone of the media




  • Hello @Beats,

    1/ You could use an internal-signal to control your effect. See project below :

    2/ To do so, you can change the anchor position (the cross on the layer) by clicking on the "gear" icon next to the position property. However, this will only move the anchor to the corner.

    If you want to change the anchor to a very custom location, use the slice-editor (CMD+J) and uncheck the "cropped" option.

    Best. Philippe

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