Ledwall basic config

Hi everyone,

got a rectangular ledwall resolution 3.520x1386 and a single 4k controller connected with a DP to my server.

is it ok if I set as output from mac monitor settings 3.840x2160 (4k)?

the canvas resolution (output settings) has to be 3.840x2160 or 3.520x1386?



  • Hello @albertospad,

    Create a 3520x1386 canvas for your content. Then use a video-routing (see "Output" popup) to place your canvas at the right location on your 4K output.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi Philippe,

    where can I find some more infos on the video routing function?

    here's what I did. in my case, only one 4k output (led wall controller)

    • in output window I set canvas size same as my led wall (3520x1386) and i set as "no display"
    • I added a video routing, set as output my 4k led controller, added one canvas, placed in right position in x and y tab

    it it correct?

  • Hello @albertospad,

    Yes, this is it.

    We planned to add a tutorial for video-routing later this year.

    Best. Philippe

  • Thanks!

    one more complication.

    at a certain point during the show the led wall fisically opens in the middle and splits into 2 screens with 1.5 meters gap between them.

    To have a proper full screen image taking consideration of the 1.5 mt gap, is it ok if I create a second canvas with a dedicated video routing itself?

    if so, considering the same fisical configuration (3.520x1.386), how has the canvas 2 resolution to be set? 3.520x1.386 or 4.520x1.386 (considering 1.000 pixels for the gap)?


  • Hello @albertospad,

    Video-routing helps you to separate your content (canvasese) and how this content goes to outputs (video-routing).

    From what I understand : you have 2 kind of content ("joined" and "splitted" panels) but you have only one output configurations. So you need 2 canvases and one video-routing that superposes these 2 canvases. See this project :

    Of course, thank to video-routing approach, you can easily adapt the gap.

    Best. Philippe

  • As always, thanks for such a great support.

    so, just to understand because I'm not with my hardware set-up right now.

    In output window, has the "Joined" and "Splitted" canvas to be set both on the same output (the 4k controller)?

    And. In video routing, should I set up the output as "Syphon" with the 4k size (3840x2160)?

    then, I add with the plus botton Canvas 1 (Joined) and Canvas 2 (Splitted), and position it in the 4k space, but. How do I give them the same size and poison if they have different resolution? and how do I deal with the slice editor in the Splitted Canvas?



  • Hello @albertospad,

    Do not use Syphon in your setup and remove the "(preview)" canvas : this was just to make you understand how it works.

    Simply set the output of the video-routing to your 4K output.

    Best. Philippe

  • Ok, it is starts making some sense now. thanks.

    I can handle the "joined Content" but how you define the 2 slices resolution of the "splitter Content (1)" and splitted Content (2)?

  • Hello @albertospad,

    The resolution of your splitted content can be setup in the video-routing directly.

    To understand the process, I strongly recommend you to test this with some monitors (or if you cannot, with some Syphon outputs).

    Best. Philippe

  • And what should I do with the same 3.520x1386 Ledwall but with two led controller config, one for the left side, one for the right side?

    how do the video routing “1 canvas to many outputs” work?

    should I still have my canvas 3.520x1386 and then add the two 4k led controller as output one and output two?

    and then just work with the position of the two?


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