Glypheo NDI output on Mac M1


I have a macbook air M1 ( big sur OS ) running glypheo connected to a millumin on a local network and i cant see the ndi output of my panel.

Did someone experienced that ?

Is it due to the M1 chip ?

i tried with a macbook intel and it worked, iam worried because i bought the macbook air just for that application...

Thank you


  • Hello @dada,

    Glypheo 1.36 was released just after the first Apple M1 machines shipped, and is an universal application optimized both for Intel and M1. But at this time, NDI library was not optimized for M1, so NDI is disabled when running Glypheo in Apple M1 one. This is the only limitation.

    Now, the version 1.37 uses the latest NDI library that is now optimized for Apple M1.

    In brief : please update.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi

    Thank you for your answer i am gonna update.

    I launched the 1.36 with rosetta II and it worked.

    Thank you for your promptness as usual.

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