Frame Dropping


First time Millumin user here.

I'm having a little trouble with videos not playing back well on this high powered machine I've hired!

Mac Pro 5.1 spec:

OS: 11.4 Big Sur

Processor: 3 Ghz 8-core Intel Xeon E5

Memory 32GB 1866 Mhz DDR3

Graphics: AMD FirePro D700 6GB

I've got two 4:3 projectors hooked up, canvas is 3200 x 1200.

Weirdly the Lightware switch I'm going through is setup with a 50Hz EDID but mac won't let me choose anything but 60Hz and the projectors are getting 59.59Hz.

Layer stack is something like this always:

Top layer black PNG masked to fit the edges of this spiked screen I've got.

Next layers (approx 4) playing back 3200x1200 videos rendered ProRes4444 with alpha or ProRes422 without @25fps. The layers have masks on to cover appropriate sections of this spikey canvas screen.

I have a lot of media in the library as we're creating the show. I'll probably be removing most once we're set.

I've found that playback drops to 6-8fps when playing 3 layers together and key framing speed. As in, pause two layers and play the other one.

I've tried programming this in timeline and dashboard and can't seem to get a good smooth playback.

Thank you so much! Quick replies would be helpful as the show opens on Saturday the 26th of June and if I can't get it working in next day or so I'll have to swap to another playback option :(

Best, Ellie


  • Hello @Ellie_T,

    A few question to better understand your situation :

    • When you hit the button "Optimize", what recommandations are displayed ?
    • Do you have the framedrops only when varying the "speed" of your movies ?
    • What is the FPS if you play nothing (but you are fullscreen on both canvases) ?
    • Do you have the issue if you convert your files to HAP codec (use AVF Batch Converter) ?
    • Do you have a MacPro 2013 (black cylinder / MacPro 6,1) ?
    • What is your version of Millumin ? 3.18.i ?
    • What is your version of macOS ? 10.14.6 ?

    Thank you for your answers point by point.

    Best. Philippe

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