New Computer for 6 x projectors


I'm looking for a strong computer and hardware setup which is capable of running 2 x 1080p projectors, 4 x 720p projectors and possibly an operator screen for running the show with Millumin.

Content likely on 1080 resolution on as many layers as posibble.

All frame syncked and hopefully on smooth 60fps. System also needs to be steady as it comes for a live event with long performance period.

What would you recommend?

Macmini with eGPU or/and Datapath? New MacPro? Something else?

Thank you for your responses!


  • Hello @Pixel,

    If you want 6 x framesync outputs, the best solution is to buy a MacPro 2019 (or build a Hackintosh) and use 2 x Blackmagic Decklink 8K Pro synchronized together via external sync-signal (with Blackmagic Sync Generator for example).
    We hope to share out testing about Decklink 8K Pro soon (it takes a lot of time to run so many tests and optimizations).

    About the MacMini + eGPU + multiple FX4 : I wrote an article about it here.
    This requires more testing but we had very good results.

    Best. Philippe
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    Hey Philippe,

    Thank you for your response. Do you have any experiences on different graphic cards Apple is offering for MacPro? At the moment I'm thinking about AMD Radeon Pro W5700X, but the computer is starting to become pricey.

    Blackmagic Decklink 8K pro sounds very interesting. I could possibly develop this set up towards it. Still at the moment cables are cat6 with extenders and VGA. I also have Datapath HX4. Maybe that could be useful?

    Previously I've had some issues when plugging projectors with different resolutions to one computer but I still hope to use these older 1280 x 800 projectors as they offer nice possibilities combined with new 1920 x 1200 ones.

    Best regards.
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    Hello @Pixel,

    Since you did not provide info about the budget, I gave my advice about the "best" solution.
    Yes, the MacPro is pricey, despite this is a very good machine. Keep in mind that you can upgrade it yourself : for exemple, you can replace the GPU by another one, such as a Radeon RX Vega 56 that is very affordable and powerful.

    But there is another approach that is far more affordable : Thunderbolt 3 chassis.
    For example, you could use a Decklink 8K Pro inside such a chassis : however, the maximum outputs you can get is 2 x 4K@60 because of the Thunderbolt 3 bandwidth (instead of 4 x 4K@60 in a MacPro 2019 or Hackintosh). But this is already enough for your usage.
    The Datapath HX4 is HDMI only, so not very useful with the Decklink 8K Pro (SDI only). You would rather need a Teranex Mini 12G-SDI to Quad SDI for example, to split one SDI-12G into 4 x SDI-3G.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hey Philippe,

    "Best solution" is something I'm also looking for so MacPro sounds actually very good option.

    Radeon RX Vega 56 seems to be out of stock in most of the places. Any other GPU recommendations? (budget hopefully below 1000€)

    Decklink 8K Pro could be useful for live cameras as well?

    Best regards

  • If I'll get Radeon Pro 580X with MacPro when buying it will I have any use for it with better GPU bought separately? Could it run the operator screen for Millumin for example?

    Best regards
  • Hello @Pixel,

    I did not test the Gigabyte AORUS Radeon RX 5700 XT 8G, but I should do in the next weeks. Your can get it for around 500€.
    Note it has 6 outputs :
    - 3 x DisplayPort 1.4 (enough for 4K@60)
    - 1 x HDMI 2.0 (enough for 4K@60)
    - 2 x HDMI 1.4 (at max 4K@30)

    The Decklink 8K Pro can output, as well as capturing : each 12G-SDI port is bi-directional.

    Lastly, about using multiple graphic cards : this is something we do not recommend, because of hardware/technical limitations. More info on this post.

    Best. Philippe
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