how to show remaining time on other devices.

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First sorry for my poor English

Last show, I need to show remaining time on some clips to show director and stage director. 
So I tried to test and edit lemur template which downloaded on millumin tutorial page.

Controlling columns and layer properties works fine.
But getting column's information (index, names) and remaining time didn't work. 

I tried to older version of millumin like v1,v2 
but it didn't work, too. 

So at the show. I captured remaining time on millumin interface and placed it empty space on output to see on e2 multiview,
It can be useful, but as you know It's so tiny and complicated way to setup.

Do you have any Idea how to show remaining time on other devices? 
It would be the best, If there is a way using OSC Messages. 

I use mbp 2017 and 2015 (MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 (18G3020))
All of millumin versions I tried are V1,V2,V3 Latest version.


  • Hello @HWANK1M,

    I think you missed to activate "API feedback" in device-panel (CMD+K). More info in the Lemur's tutorial.
    With this option, Millumin sends OSC message with a lot of info, such as the elapsed/remaining time for each playing media.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thank you for replying.

    I already tried to activate API feedback. 
    But it still didn't work. 
    possible to navigate columns but can't get layer or media info 
    When I saw osc logs, millumin keeps sending informations of media
    But lemur can't get any of those. 

  • Hello @HWANK1M,

    I just tried with Lemur application, and everything is working fine.
    Be sure nothing is blocking the communication between Millumin and Lemur (especially your network firewall).

    Also, you may want to test with OSCTestApp that you can receive the OSC message : at least, is it working locally on the same computer ?
    Or with TouchOSC that is more friendly, see this tutorial.

    Lastly, @dnny developped a nice application here.
    I guess he even work on a more ambitiuous project on Gitlab here.

    Best. Philippe
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