Where should media files be stored?

I have a show coming up next week.  Our Millumin machines are two IMac pros.   Should the media files reside on the internal hardrive or on a fast external drive?  I have a Glyph Atom with 4TB with speeds of up to 950MB/s.  It is two solid state drives in a raid 0.  Thoughts?


  • Hello @shosho27,

    Unless you are playing several 2160p60 HAP or ProRes movies at the same time, the iMacPro's internal drive (not hard drive but SSD) should be sufficient.
    By the way, internal SSD are usually reading at 2000 or 3000 MB/s, so close to your Raid 0 (around 2000 MB/s I guess). See this review.

    Best. Philippe
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