NDI - Multiple 4Kp60 streams

Hi I am researching the viability of getting input from outside the server room to millumin.

More specifically I am wondering if there is any experience using multiple 4Kp60 streams on a trashcan mac. It is under the assumption that I use 10G network via  proper thunderbolt2 adapter and have the rest of the network infrastructure in place at 10G speeds.
Can the trashcan mac handle this?



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    Hello @sunep,

    See attached a sheet of the bandwidth needed for NDI (more info in this document).

    So in theory, 3 or 4 x 2160p60 should be feasible via a 10G network, probably more.
    However, serializing rendering from the GPU to the network can be costly, as well as encoding to NDI.
    I think 2 (maybe 3) x 2160p60 should be the max you can get with a MacPro 2013.

    Best. Philippe

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  • In this case I am planning on using the BirdDog 4K encoders, I expect them to as it says on the box.

    I will need two streams, so it's nice to know that the trashcan can handle it.

    Thanks Philippe
  • I didn't say the MacPro 2013 can handle it, I said it should be able to in theory.
    Only proper tests (with your own content since it has an influence on the encoding) can prove it.
  • Ah okay, I will test it out, it will be interesting to find out
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