Pixel Mapping

Hi i am using an Enttec Dmx Usb Mk2 to do pixel mapping ( dmx layer ) with Par led ( big dipper LPC 006 ). All  conexions (and  light layer ) respond ok,  but i have problems with the order of the channels because the first 4 channel are not RGBW in big deeper par led.
the order  in big dipper fixture is:

1-. intensity
3-.color macros
4-. color preset
5-. red
7-. blue
8-. white.

So the actual response to pixel mapping (dmx layer )  is caotic because activate the first 4 channels always which are intensitiy, strobe, macros, preset.

Is there anyway to change the channels to get the right color response?



  • Hi,

    If you use just one Par Led with a DMX Layer, you can set this DMX Layer to begin at 5. And create a simple light for intensity of your PAR LED and set it to 100%. DMX layer can send the good values on the good channels.

    (sorry for my english !)

  • thanks Manouche35, works perfect!
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