multiple proiectors

hi, I have to project the theater on the background, on the side wings and on the floor. I thought of using two beamer for the bottom and sides (1 beamer for the half bottom and right side and 1 beamer for the bottom and left side) and a beamer for the floor. the movies will not be the same for the three projectors. i have macbook pro, two hdmi projectors and one vga projector, triplehead2go. can anyone show me how it would set millumin in this case?
thank you friends


  • Hello @shound,

    You can simply create 3 canvases, one for each projection surface (since you want to project different movies).
    See attached project.

    If you want to create only one canvas for the two sides of your background : you may want to blend your videoprojector.
    More info in this tutorial.

    Best. Philippe
    sides and floor.millumin
  • ok, thank you
    I try
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