Keywords list?

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Opened up the TouchOSC template and noticed that there are keywords.

- Is there a full list of the keywords available and is it listed in the dev kit?
- If so, are their keywords for moving subdivided points on a mesh?


  • Hello @silant,

    The OSC documentation is in the lab or directly on GitHub (a link is available in the dev-kit). You can also click on the button in OSC settings in Millumin.

    You cannot move the mesh points (it's pointless with TouchOSC as there isn't proper UI components to do so). However you use the 4-corner perspective transformation.

    Best. Philippe
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    Thanks for the response.

    I understand about the mesh points. That makes sense given the UI limitations of TouchOSC.

    I actually find the controls for this quite awkward. After lifting the finger off of the surface of the iPad the point will sometimes jump erratically. Of course it is OK to be able to get rough positioning down and then fine tune with the incremental buttons, but even that is kind of awkward.

    This is from experience working in the field on a project.

    I will attempt to test out using Konkreet performer as I find that moving the points is smoother and the problem of the 'jumping' that I have outlined above is somehow not a problem. Konkreet performer aslo has interpolating between different 'shapes' via presets, although this might be kind of a gimmick. Still intriguing to try it out.

    Will keep you posted.


  • Hello @silant,

    You can create a TouchOSC template with bigger XY-pad (one per page) so you'll get more accuracy. On my side, I cannot do much, as you should rather ask the TouchOSC team to more more about accuracy for TouchOSC.

    Best. Philippe
  • I figured I could customize the heck out of it, but I don't anticipate Rob making such changes for something as specific as this. I have access to Lemur for iPad and may end up recreating a template with that. But first it's time to have 'fun' with Konkreet.
  • Tested this within my limited capacity, and right away there are two problems that prevent this from working:

    - Konkreet performers nodes have a limited value range, 0.0 to 1.0. so I can map the center of the node to move the layer but because of this limitation it just.... moves..... a..... little.... teeny..... bit. This could probably be aided by running the message through OSCulator and somehow adding a multiplier

    - With the corner points, the millumin keywords for them combine both x and y together, and Konkreet keeps these two values separate for its nodes

    So my little dream has now burst into tiny pieces.

    I guess it's time I start to learn how to become a programmer so I can make my dreams come true... that or get into permaculture. :-p

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