Alarm and clock remote

Is it possible to create interaction with calendar or other ? 
I do this with automator but it could be fail easily if windows are not a the same place. 
And automator not emit OSC or MIDI



  • With Millumin V3, you can use a "scheduler" interaction to perform an action on a regular basis (or just once) : press CMD+M then add a "scheduler" interaction with the "+" button.

    Best. Philippe
  • hello Philippe Thank's a lot for your answer, it's working good but :
    -not problème with périodically 
    - no repetition ..... i dont know why is not woking 
    see the capture attach .....

  • the capture ....
    capture millu.pdf

  • I checked and everything works fine.
    Please be sure that you set the right hour : indeed, by default, Millumin creates an interaction for the next hour.

    Best. Philippe
  • OMG...... sorry i'm so tired's working good ..
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