Pausing Keyboard Input Triggers


Is there anyway to set a pause or a timed pause to limit keyboard input presses. I'm setting up a buzzer system, and need to make sure when one buzzer is pressed that after the column is launched another buzzer can't trigger a different column so i t doesn't jump around the time line.

I currently have the buzzers setup as USB Keyboard inputs (they are wireless USB buttons) and they trigger a keyboard press triggering the column, at the end of the triggered column it moves to the next column which has a saved reset state (lights do back to original position and different track plays).

The columns are playing timelines that have a sound effect and a lighting cue. 

Any suggestions would be really helpful



  • From what I understand, I see solutions :
    - using an "asynchronous" timeline (see attached project and this tutorial)
    - using the software Chataigne to program such a behavior (this tutorial introduces Chataigne and how to use it)

    Best. Philippe
    Asynchronous timeline.millumin
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