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Hi guys,

Might be an idea to be able to scale/position the media as well, not just the layer.
So this way i can keep my timeline clear.

Imagine you have 15 media and they are all different size, i need 15 layers so my timeline it's not clear and visible anymore.



  • Hello @Pap,

    You can do so with keyframes ("hold" keyframes if needed). Also, maybe you could use the option "normalize".

    I guess that having 2 scales, one for the layer and one for the media, would make the edition of your timeline even more complex.

    Best. Philipp
  • Thanks Philipp

    This is what you mean by keyframes ? 
    This is actually working and does what I need.

    Screenshot 2019-12-09 at 15.27.19.png
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  • Yes this is what I meant.
  • With complex projects it would be handy to be able to configure each clip manually as a user choice.
    In example, Resolume let's you adjust Comp settings, Layer settings & Clip settings each individually.

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    Hello @vjkatza,

    The main difference is that Resolume doesn't have keyframes (timeline) or states (dashboard). So such settings become less important in Millumin (that have a different philosophy).
    Moreover, these keyframes/states seem to do the job for @Pap.

    Of course, if you can provide a use case (a story where such in-depth settings could be needed), we'd listen at it : feel free to submit it on Uservoice (it helps us to gather feedback from other users, and check if it they also need this).
    But for now, we prefer to keep the interface tidy, so it's intuitive.

    Best. Philippe
  • Well I just needed that last Thursday at an event, & I'm talking about it from a show control app point of view.
    About half an hour before the show started (and as everything was already programmed & ready) the director brought me a flash drive with about 15 jpeg images where he wanted me to put at various places across the show.
    As almost every image resolution was different it was unpractical to assign a separate layer for each image or create a separate timeline for each...
    Luckily I had photoshop installed so I cropped & resized all the images & assigned a separate layer for that, but this was very uncomfortable & could be easier with a resizing option.
    Needless to say Millumin is Great! 

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  • Hello @vjkatza,

    Thank you for the use case.
    If the "Soft Crop" effect would resize the image, would it help ? If so, you could apply this effect per media.

    Another solution : if the value of the "slice-editor" could be saved per column, would it help ?

    Best. Philippe
  • Thank you philippe,
    I believe the 1st option would be acceptable and is more practical if it would allow a constrain ratio option.
    It would be awesome if it can combine a resize/scale option & also a position option, this way we could manage multiple objects at the same layer.

  • Hello @vjkatza,

    All right.
    I created this idea on Uservoice, since we're for now focused on other features.

    Best. Philippe
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