Blackmagic Atem Mini As Input

Hi all,
Is it possible to use Blackmagic Atem Mini as input device? I tried it works with Skype but don't shown as inputs in Millumin V3.


  • Hello @fatih,

    Could you send us a TeamViewer session via email ?
    We'll study the issue directly on your computer. thank you

    Best. Philippe
  • Thank you!
  • Hello @fatih,

    Thank you for the TeamViewer session.
    We prepared a fix for next official version (3.14.d) and sent you an intermediate one via email.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thank you so much Philippe!
  • I wanted to buy the Blackmagic Atem Mini as input device

    I have seen in the forum that you have it....
    what do you think?
    work with a lot of lag?
    I don't know if you care to tell me how it works

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