problem with midi and dmx


I tried to make working dmx and MIDI on my macbook pro with a ENTECC and BCF2000.
But it's not working together.
If i disconnect the BCF, the DMX work, and if I disconnect the ENTECC DMX, the BCF work ....
I'm looking for an explication and perhaps a solution.
Thanks a lot


  • Hello @coachmen,

    I am not aware of such a conflict, but I doubt we could solve this in Millumin. Indeed, this should be a driver issue.

    A few questions :
    - What is the exact model of your USB DMX ? Enttec DMX USB Pro Mk2 ?
    - Do you use a USB-hub ? If so, do not, and try to plug each device directly to your computer.
    - Did you try on anotehr computer : do you have the same issue ?
    - Did you contact Enttec support about this issue ? What was the answer ?

    Thank you for your answers point by point.
    Best. Philippe
  • Hello,

    I had the same problem with a Macbook pro with 4 ports thunderbolt 3 and it'was because I used a cheap adaptator USB C.

  • Hello
    Thanks for your quick answer
    i used a enttec Pro usb with a hub ( i don't know if it's a goog or cheaper product ? )
    and i tried this set up on two diffèrent macbook pro with the same issue.
    i 'll test with different usb device later.
    and i'll return the result.
    Best regard.

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