File missing


I had file missing issue yesterday.

I placed about 15 movies and pictures in dashboard column directly each on different layer.
it worked normally for a time(about 5~6h), but suddenly a several files were not played.
I reload these files in Library,  Millumin indicates「x」.so I replaced files each.

It occurred in the rehearsal. I was really  scared if it occurs again in the performance.

Does anyone have a same issue? and Is there any work around?

Millumin V3.11.q
MacBook Pro 15" 2017

Sorry for tiny English 


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    Hello @sab,

    No user reported us such a problem.
    It really looks like files were moved on a different location. Especially if Millumin shows a red cross (「x」) when you try to reload them.

    Were the files on a network disk ? Or did you rename a folder containing such files ?
    Could you send us the version of your project before you replace the files ?

    Thank you for your answers.
    Best. Philippe
  • Hello@Philippe

    Thank for your reply
    and Sorry for the late reply.

    I didn't rename a folder .
    The files were on external SSD,not on a network disk.
    and No files location were moved.

    I don't have the project file, sorry. I'll report if it occur again.

    Thank you.

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