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Hi guys, 
I'd like your input on a new 3 screens setup (3x 720p or 3x1080p) I'm planning with a Mac Pro 2013 and its thunderbolt interfaces.
I'm thinking :
- 2 BM mini-recorders
- 1 passif adapters thunderbot DVI (first monitor)
- Hdmi output (second monitor)
- 3 actifs adapters thunderbot DVI (or hdmi) to the 3 video projectors

For initial rehearsals, I'd like to avoid spending money on a datapath fx4 or something similar.
I still have an old triplehead2go digital edition but I guess this is useless, or at best I think it may output to two 720p (not even sure).

Apple Dual links adapters are sold out, I saw theses cheap "actif" adapters to hdmi or DVI :
on amazon

So, I had a lot of troubles with outputs and Mac Pro in the past, do you think this setup could even work ? :D
Any help or feedback appreciated ;) 


  • Hello @hyll,

    We have successfully used 6 x 1080p60 outputs on a MacPro D300, but only with active adapters (this Thunderbolt to DVI).
    I strongly recommend to use only active adapters (not a passive one at all).

    About Apple "Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter" : so far, I only required this one when working with high resolution (such as 4K with a Datapath X4). For 1080p60, any active adapter should do the work, even cheap ones.

    I didn't test to add 2 x BMD MiniRecorder, but I guess the Thunderbolt's bandwidth is quite enough.
    Please read this article by Apple, to understand how Thunderbolt buses are organized on your MacPro. But I guess in your situation, it shouldn't be that useful.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks a lot for your feedback, Philippe
  • Just to mention that 4x DVI active adapters & 2x BM MiniRecorder worked ok ;) Thx
  • Hello @hyll. Thank you for sharing your experience !
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