New iMac Pro 4k@60 playback

I am planning my output layout for an upcoming show.  How many 4k@60 outputs can be played back in Millumin safely on the new iMac Pros?  How many 1080@30 files can be played smoothly?

Within each 4k canvas I will be laying out 4 1080@30 Apple Prores 422 files. (I can transcode files to whatever needed)

I need to fill 11 1920x1080 screens and 1 2688x768 LED wall and am trying to put as many of these into 4k outputs for an E2 to split it up.

iMac Specs:
Imac pro 2019 18 core 256 ram radeon pro vega 64



  • Hello @fran8619,

    We didn't run complete tests on this machine, but we have been able to output 3 x 4K@60 while playing 3 x 4K@30 HAP movies. It wasn't the limit, but we didn't push the test futher.

    I guess it should do the job (11 x 1080p60 screens + 1 x 2688x768 led wall / 12 x 1080p30 movies).
    However, be sure to test this configuration before your show. You may find that your drive isn't fast enough to playback all these movies, so be sure to have an external drive to test the difference.

    Best. Philippe
  • edited September 2019
    Ok, I'll be sure to test and report back once we get the iMacs.

    Would you prefer HAP over Prores for this?
  • Hello @fran8619.

    Yes, more info on this post.

  • Ok great,
    Thanks again!
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